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Full Version: extra octave
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I would like it if you added an extra octave on the top of the keyboard. Because a couple of songs I had to move part of the music down an octave because it won't fit. Please add!  Smile
I agree that an extra octave would be nice. Most pianos have 88 keys. However, I think that the extra octave should be added at the bottom of the keyboard.

Only the one note, C8, could be added at the top in order to match the traditional 88 key keyboard. Any other keys above that would be non-traditional (although MIDIs do support keys up to B8).

But what a lot of users here don't realize is that two octaves are left out on this website from the bottom of the keyboard, leaving out close to 15 notes from the traditional 88 key piano keyboard at the bottom of the sequencer's note register.
You can fake a C8 if you don't overdo it, see measure 7:

Piano can't do C8, but the 8 bits sound an octave higher. 8-bit triangle sounded weird on it's own just for one note, so I stacked it in for all those measures so it wouldn't sound out of place when it played on it's own.

Have to be subtle though. I don't think this would work for a long portion of a song.
just give me c8 pls. :c