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Full Version: 8 bit stop
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I suggest making it so that the 8-bit instruments stop playing as soon as you stop the sequence.
Since the 8-bits are generated straight from the browser itself, I wouldn't imagine that this would be terribly difficult to do.

I don't know much about code but I can imagine something like, inside of a while loop...
while (8-bit plays) {
 if (stop button is pressed) {
  stop8bit() //or exit(1) or break or something of that nature to leave the while loop
This is underrated. Also maybe a way to stop the 8 bit sounds if they sustain for a long time when you click on them. Like when you click on it, it plays on forever. Maybe if you click outside of it or click it again or something it will stop playing.

See, if you know my music a lot, you may know that i add a loooooot of 8bit and it drives me crazy
good idea, because ive seen sequences with long 8 bit sustains and oh god it hurts to pause