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Full Version: Add a 'Size Selection' tool.
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- Add a Size Selection tool
When in a size range, you can select notes from that range using ctrl+a or manually. It should work like locking an instrument. But instead of losing access to one type of instrument, you lose the ability to move/select all other size ranges except the one you are on.

It can help with midi file translation when notes like drums become complicated to work with or are indifferent to other instruments.

Same Size Selection can improve user options and the ease of working with certain note sizes. 

If you plan to classify your note sizes, such as having the 8-Bit sawtooth be full width and pianos as 1/8, you can move the piano without worrying about changing the sawtooth.

For the design and placement, I'll leave that to the programmers of OS to deal with.

- Krumpelman, Isaac